He adjective immaculate derives from the Latin word immaculātus. This is how that or that does not show any stains .

The immaculate, therefore, is cleansed , is impeccable or it turns out pure . For example: “Wearing an immaculate white dress, the model was the star of the night”, "There is no immaculate politician", "The boxer won again and kept his record immaculate".

The idea of ​​immaculate usually appears in the field of sport to refer to an athlete or a team that does not record losses . Suppose that, in a competition, a club of soccer got eleven wins in the same number of games. It can be said that the set has, so far, a immaculate tournament .

What does not present any defect It is also called immaculate. He immaculate grass of a yard , to cite a case, it covers the ground perfectly, it does not show the presence of weeds and is neatly cut. The notion is even used symbolically: a professional can have a immaculate trajectory If you don't know about mishaps, mistakes or problems.

In the previous paragraphs we have seen that the adjective immaculate It has two fundamental uses: on the one hand it allows us to highlight the good state of a site or of an object, which in view seems to be "perfect"; on the other, we can use it symbolically to talk about a trajectory faultless or of a reputation with nothing negative to point out.

However, there is a difference between the two cases that is explained through subjectivity: while a seemingly immaculate room probably has no extremely dirty corner that we cannot notice, the career of a professional person can be presented as immaculate or spotless but hide one or more events unfortunate that you only know a few.

In the first case, our senses allow us to hit with a fairly small margin of error: if we determine that a room is in perfect condition. hygiene it is not possible that there is a pile of waste in a state of decomposition that we have overlooked; However, we can be sharing a lunch with someone whom we consider an example of morality without knowing that it is a rapist.

In the field of religion , the immaculate is associated with the absence of sin . Written with initial capital and feminine, the term is used to name the Virgin Mary : the Immaculate .

There is even a Marian devotion in Catholicism known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary , which is based on the veneration from the heart of the mother of Jesus (the Blessed Virgin Mary ). At General Roman Calendar , he Immaculate Heart of Mary It is celebrated every August 22nd .

Through the revelations that Blessed Alejandrina de Balazar and of the apparitions of the Virgin of Fatima, this devotion known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary reached a position of great popularity among Catholics. Another person who made an important contribution to this concept was Saint John Eudes , a French missionary who also recognizes the Foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.

Fatima was a key place for the devotion of the Virgin Mary: there it appeared on numerous occasions, six of which took place in Cova da Iria and were described by three Portuguese shepherds, who told him what happened to Lucia de Jesús Rosa dos Santos , a nun of the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites known for her visions . Lucia received a special visit from the Virgin in 1925, when she promised assistance in her last moments of life to all those who confessed, communed and prayed a third of the Rosary every first Saturday of a period of five consecutive months.