Incentive , from Latin incentive, is what move to wish or do something . Something real can be treated (like money) or symbolic (the intention of giving or obtaining satisfaction).

For the economy , an incentive is a stimulus offered to a person , a company or a sector with the aim of increasing production and improving performance. For example: a worker is offered an incentive of $ 200 a month if he can reach a certain sales quota. An incentive for a company could be the tax cut in case you hire new workers.

Human action is usually governed by incentives, many of which exist at the unconscious level. Each time a person performs a certain activity, they do so with an end that, in one way or another, will provide satisfaction. This end is the incentive that mobilizes the action.

The incentive can be about stimulation which is given to an individual for his good performance in any field (labor, emotional, etc.) with the intention of striving to maintain it. It is, therefore, a reward.

Our daily life usually presents a few incentives, of different magnitudes, that drive us to move forward. When a child strives to achieve good school performance, he not only seeks his own personal and intellectual development, but is also likely to crave the reaction of his parents or guardians, satisfaction and pride In their eyes.

Incentive program

An incentive program (PDI) is called a systematic campaign that targets individuals and teams to improve the environment and performance of a company. Some of its specific objectives are: the promotion of certain actions or habits in particular; to direct the participants towards a given end; the integration of strategies related to staff motivation; be able to measure the results obtained from a given activity.

Regarding the last point, it is important to point out that every POI must have a specific and well-defined purpose, so that those who direct it are able to study its results. When designing such a program, it is essential to find the most appropriate motivation to obtain the best performance possible of its participants.

A company that is dedicated to designing POIs must meet certain requirements so that its offer is reliable to its potential customers: specializing in this field; be allied with logistics operators and have a customizable platform for administration and design of incentive catalogs; own an online store that allows the proper distribution of their programs. It is also important that a Program Incentives are administered as part of a larger plan that offers the necessary continuity and assistance to its clients.

It is worth mentioning that the IDPs have been able to remain in force during times of greatest crisis economical of the last decades, unlike other services, such as traditional marketing and sales strategies. Several studies have proven that those companies that have been able to train and motivate their workers during recession are the ones that have best recovered, the ones that have shown the most strength to resurface and recover the portion of the market that belonged to them.

It is known that a company It is moved by a group of people, living beings, regardless of their knowledge and their positions in the hierarchy of the organization chart. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that the best way to increase your performance is to establish a relationship that exceeds salary limits; This is where the benefits of an incentive plan appear, since a motivated human being is able to give everything of himself for a project.