The notion of damsel comes from dameisele, an old French word that can be translated as "miss" . The concept has several meanings according to context .

In some cases , a damsel is said to a young , especially if you intend to become a refined lady and want to be treated as such. For example: "The boy invited the damsel to the theater", "In novels, heroes are always willing to risk their lives to save a damsel in danger.", “The grieving damsel moved the policeman”.

You can also name a damsel a woman dedicated to the exercise of prostitution : "The beautiful damsel soon called the old man's attention", "Investigators believe that the missing businessman spent the night with a damsel", “This alley is usually filled with damsels that offer their services”.

It is known as damsel in distress to the universal theme that appears in the literature , the plastic arts, cinema and videogames, in which a beautiful young is in danger because of a villain and requires that a hero Go to your rescue. Women, in this context, are usually presented as weak, naive and dependent on men: that is why the issue is considered sexist.

In Ancient Greece it is considered that the origin of the term or theme of the "damsel in distress". This concept where more can be found is within the set of European fairy tales that later, many of them, have become classics of children's literature and even highly acclaimed films of the Disney factory.

We are referring to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella", "Rapunzel" ...

Since then in the various artistic and cultural fields we have known many other cases of damsels in distress. Thus, for example, in the comic world the reporter Lois Lane was always saved by Superman from the compromised situations she was getting into. And we also ran into Jane, who had her particular "hero" to Tarzan who saved her from the dangers of the jungle.

Likewise, we cannot ignore that the word damsel has been used to shape titles of different books throughout history. This would be the case, for example, of the play "The damsel of the castle", which is an original legend written by Víctor Balaguer.

Not forgetting that this term is also included in a song that plays the Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo. We are referring to the one entitled "Damsel charming", which was launched in 1983 and was included in the album "The music of Ernesto Lecuona."

A example damsel in distress is the Princess peach , the female character of the videogame saga known as Mario Bros . This princess is always captive of a monster and Mario You must save her.

Damsel, finally, is the name of a fish subfamily of the family of the pomacentrids . These are brightly colored animals that usually live in salt water.