The notion of mourning It comes from the Latin language, more precisely from the word luctus. This is called the external manifestation of the pain who suffers for him death of a loved one .

Mourning includes various rituals and traditions that vary according to each culture . In all cases, it is intended externalize the penalty that causes death and show respect through grief.

In most of the countries Westerners, mourning is currently symbolized by the black color . In this way, those in mourning dress in garments of this color or use a black bow. Some time ago, however, mourning was associated with White .

Is called official mourning or national mourning to the one who decrees a government before a national catastrophe or the death of a personality. This protocol measure involves various actions that reflect the pain of the authorities and the people, such as raising flags at half-mast or suspending holiday events.

In Argentina for example the authorities decreed a National duel (equivalent to national mourning) of three days after the discovery of the submarine's remains ARA San Juan , which remained a missing year. This mourning allowed to honor the 44 crew They were traveling on the boat.

It is also mentioned as mourning the anguish , affliction or grief that is experienced by something, beyond the protocol or the outside. For example: "The football world is mourning the death of the former national team player", "They just fired five workers, so we mourn the office".

The process that a person goes through when he has lost a loved one is particular in each case, and this means that both its intensity and its duration can vary. There are those who fall apart and fall into a state of deep sorrow that prevents them from continuing their routines, but there are also those who arm themselves with a breastplate that protects them from suffering and keep going, at least for a while.

In this last point is one of the most peculiar characteristics of mourning: it is not always lived immediately after death, but it can arrive a while later. There are certain variables that influence this factor, such as the existence or not of a previous condition on the part of the victim; a disease Slow and degenerative, which lasts several months or years can help, so to speak, close ones to prepare for the final day.

In such a case, mourning may be delayed or intermittently presented as a Defense mechanism : After months or years of having been taking care of someone, the level of energy we have left is so low that if we add to this a devastating penalty for death, we may not be able to recover. However, it is not a conscious decision, but each person lives spontaneously, as he can.

The customs that revolve around mourning in each country and in each region can help ease the weight of the loss, because they take us to a common space with many people who have already been through the same. It is very important to express feelings during this stage so difficult to cope with , and that's what friends are for, people who really care about us.

Of course, not everyone knows how to express our deepest feelings. A good starting point to learn to let off steam is the reading of works that address these issues, especially if they have been written by authors who have lived a lost .