Knowing the etymological origin of the term dagger is not easy. And, although it is known that it derives from the French "dague", it is not known where that Gallic word comes from. Thus, there are theories that state that it emanates from the Latin word “daca”, which can be translated as “Dacia's knife”, and there are also those who believe that, in reality, it derives from the Persian “teg”, which is synonymous with “sword” .

A dagger is a White weapon : that is, a weapon which has a sheet of steel or iron. In this case, its blade is short and usually has a double edge. The dagger has a lining that provides protection to the fist.

The origin of the daggers is remote. It is believed that they emerged in the Bronze Age , thousands of years BC . The first daggers were made with ivory, bones and other materials.

Compared to other white weapons, the dagger is shorter than the sword , but is longer than the dagger . Many times, in fact, it was used as a complement to the sword.

The daggers have been very important throughout the history , although today they lost preponderance. In the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen For example, two daggers were found, one of which would have been made with material taken from a meteorite.

In the year 44 BC , on the other hand, the Roman dictator Julius Caesar He was killed by conspirators who used daggers. He attack he caused twenty-three wounds, although only one mortal.

It is also possible to find daggers on the ground of the fiction . In the saga Prince of Persia , There is Dagger of Time , a weapon that is part of the set of The Relics of Sand .

In the field of literature the term in question has been widely used to give title to different works. This would be the case, for example, of the novel “La daga”, written by Jorge Ruiz Fernández and which takes as its protagonist a journalist, Patricia de la Sierra, who will be in need of collaboration with the police.

Also, "The Dagger" is the title of the second part of the series "Dark Matter", written by Philip Pullman. In 1997, this book came to light, which tells us that Lyra is still traveling and reaches a corner of the other world where there are adults. There he will meet Will Parry, a twelve-year-old boy who belongs to our world, but who is trapped in that one after, to defend his mother, he killed a man.

You will have to do it to discover who or who is behind the wave of crime that is ravaging the city, at a time when there is a strong economic crisis and the government is not able to offer stability.

It should be noted that the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE ), in his dictionary, mentions another meaning of the term dagger. This meaning refers to the brick row , created horizontally, which is formed in an oven with the aim of baking them.