The notion of dice It has several uses. The term may refer to polyhedral object , as usual cubic whose faces exhibit the representation of figures or numbers . These elements are used in numerous games of chance.

For example: "Throw the dice at once!", "To start playing, we first have to find the dice", “On vacation I lost a lot of money playing the generala with my friends: the dice were not on my side”.

The most common dice are shaped like Cube and therefore have six faces. A dot appears on each face, which represents a number: one point equals the number 1 , two points equal the number 2 , three points equal the number 3 , etc. The player, by throwing the dice from a beaker or by hand, can obtain various results, determined at random.

In the role playing games Dice that are not cubic and that have more than six faces can be used. There is, in these cases, a greater amount of results possible.

The generala is among the games of most famous dice. The objective is to add points by throwing five dice, with a certain value for each of the possible moves. The player must assemble the ten or eleven moves contemplated in the general.

In addition to everything indicated, we must bear in mind that now we also talk about virtual dice. This is the one that is used on the Internet to enjoy different online games or even as a simulator for a board game if you do not have a physical dice. This virtual model is put into operation simply by clicking on it.

In the same way, we cannot ignore what is known as "The dice club". This is a YouTube platform channel that specializes in board games, such as Miskatonic, Munchkin, Bang !, Trollhala, The Golden Compass or Dead of Winter, among others.

Given, on the other hand, is a adjective that qualifies the person who shows a tendency towards something or that is nice and sociable: “Maximiliano is a very young man”, "My uncle is given to oppose everything". The concept may also refer to something established or specific : “We will meet tomorrow in a given place”.

Of course, we cannot forget either that Given is also a person's name. Specifically, it is the diminutive of the Italian Alessandro. This is a name of Greek origin that can be translated as "the defender of men" and is considered to belong to men of strong character, who are always willing to protect their loved ones and who have some degree of introversion.

They are also responsible, fighters when it comes to achieving their goals and very charming in the close treatment. Perhaps one of the best known characters with that diminutive is Dado Lequio, an Italian aristocrat who was a couple of the Spanish actress Ana Obregón and who is a great grandson of King Alfonso XIII and second cousin of current King Felipe VI. He is currently a controversial television collaborator.

Finally, given can be a conjugation of verb give : “I don't like the clothes they have given me to work”, "In the game last night they beat us up".