In order to know the meaning of the asteroid term, the first thing is to know its etymological origin. In this case we have to establish that it is the result of the sum of several components of the Greek language:
-The noun "aster", which is equivalent to "star".
-The root "eidos", which can be translated as "form" or "appearance".

In the same way, we can indicate that the "creation" of the asteroid term is attributed to the English astronomer William Herschel (1738-1822). This scientist created it in order to refer to heavenly bodies that had the peculiarity of resembling a star, but were not really.

It is a word that is used with reference to what you have star shape, figure or appearance . In the field of astronomy , an asteroid is called a small body what It is part of the solar system .

Remember that the solar system is a system of planets whose organization revolves around the star called Sun . Asteroids, in this framework, are rocky objects that orbit around the mentioned star, usually between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

The diameter of the asteroids does not exceed 1,000 kilometers : therefore have a smaller dimension than planets . Instead, they are larger than meteoroids, other astronomical bodies of the solar system.

Based on changes in the different concepts of astronomy, the classification of asteroids was also modified. It used to be considered that the first asteroid to have been discovered was Ceres , detected by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801 . However, in 2006 , Ceres It became considered a dwarf planet. This novelty transformed to Pallas found in 1802 , as the first asteroid to have been discovered.

Already in the XXI century , astronomy has recognized hundreds of thousands of asteroids. The clash of major bodies that, due to the influence exerted by force of gravity from Jupiter , could not be constituted as planets, is the origin of these stars that have a size between ten meters and almost 1,000 kilometers diameter.

Asteroids have greatly inspired the world of cinema. A good example of this are several films that take one as a starting point or that are developed around it. Examples are these:
-"Asteroid". This is a feature film released in 1997, which is directed by Bradford May and revolves around the arrival of an asteroid on Earth.
-"Asteroid. Final impact ”. In 2015 it was, on the other hand, when this other action movie arrived on the billboards, directed by Jason Bourque and starring Anna van Hooft and Mark Lutz. Tell how a scientist manages to discover that a huge meteorite of the invisible type is dangerously approaching the Earth, so humanity is in serious danger.

To these films we could add others such as "Deep Impact" (1998), "Armaggedon" (1998) or "2012".