Bud It is a concept that comes from the Latin word gem. The term is used in different ways according to context . One of its most common meanings is linked to one of the components of the egg generated by vertebrate animals, which has yellowish color and is surrounded by clear .

Egg yolk is made up of vitelo and of germ disc . In this disk is the cell nucleus in the stage prior to fertilization: if this occurs, there develops the embryo . Vitelo, on the other hand, harbors various nutrients. It should be noted that the yolk and white are separated by the vitelline membrane .

Eggs, especially chicken, have always been foods very popular. The yolks present vitamins A , B and D , match , calcium , potassium , iron and other nutrients. They can be consumed differently, even separated from the white in certain recipes .

But the human being does not always appropriate animals and plants for their subsistence, but tends to use them as products to satisfy all their whims. In the specific case of egg yolk, it is known that until the middle of the 19th century and since ancient times it was used as an emulsifier for the creation of paintings Tempera or tempera.

The use of egg yolk in this area requires a mixing process in which the pigments previously pulverized or ground (to achieve the blue color, for example, used to use cobalt oxide) until the desired shade is achieved. Unlike today's industrial products, which are sold properly preserved to increase their durability, this paint should be used immediately.

In the field of botany , is known as yolk embryonic character outbreak from which, over time, new flowers, leaves and branches arise. It can be said that it is a organ which has cells capable of dividing.

Plant buds are made up of meristem : the tissue formed by cells that favor the development of the vegetable. According to their characteristics, the yolks can be classified differently.

The flaky yolk (protected by scales), the hairy yolk (covered by hairs ), the axillary yolk (it is placed in an armpit of the leaf), the Terminal yolk (located at the end of a branch) and the breeding yolk (which has embryonic flowers) are some of the kinds of buds.

This term is also used to name the tip from the fingers of our hands, especially the part that opposes the nail, that is, the one on the same side as the palm. The fingertips are an especially sensitive part, and that is why any lesion in this area suffers more than in others; In the case of a cut, for example, the bleeding is very profuse.

But the sensitivity that we have in the fingertips is far from being a negative aspect, since it also helps us to recognize surfaces through the touch and to protect us from certain dangerous objects for our physical integrity, something that happens when coming into contact with sharp points or surfaces that are too hot, among many other cases.

In modern life, the fingertips have a very important function for social organization, since it is in this part of the body where our footprints fingerprints, the unique feature that we must leave printed on our identity documents so that no one can impersonate us. The resolution of a police investigation, on the other hand, may depend on the finding of these traces at the scene of a crime.