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Social projection


The Financial Projection , the orthogonal projection and the conical projection These are some of the concepts that we have already reviewed on this site. It is time to analyze another type of projection: the so-called social projection .

First we must remember that projection It is a notion with different meanings: it can be the impulse of something, a planning or the action that is carried out so that the figure of an object is visible on the figure of another. Social , meanwhile, is an adjective that refers to the society (The community of human beings that interact with each other and have a common culture).

The idea of social projection , therefore, mentions those services and activities that are carried out to achieve an improvement in people's lives . The most common use of the notion is linked to the education that lends itself so that people have the tools needed to progress socially and for the knowledge imparted to be tools for the community.

It can be understood, in this sense, that social projection is part of the responsibility which has an educational institution with its surroundings. Educational leaders must understand and judge the impact that the knowledge they transmit has on society.

Social projection is usually associated with social responsability from a house of studies. Schools and universities must be managed with transparent and clear criteria since their actions have a direct impact on the configuration of the reality .

For an educational center, social projection represents the opportunity to grow with your students through the development of programs, led by the latter, that help the community, that benefit many families who do not find help by other means and can thus access a better quality of lifetime . Thanks to the commitment of many universities, startups are opened that open the doors to the growth of society, providing access to unusual technologies and resources.

Among the objectives of social projection are the following:

* promote respect by humans and other species, with a special focus on development and evolution of his actions in the different planes that make up his life, from philosophy to politics. It is important to emphasize that respect is the basis of all efforts directed at increase of society, since it is linked to compassion and empathy;

* work in training of individuals who stand out for their humanistic qualities, for their sense of responsibility and their strength to undertake projects based on ethics that seek to solve the most troubling problems of their community, taking advantage of the tools arising from the work of scientific research;

* encourage education understanding the human being as a perfect combination of being social, physical, spiritual and emotional . The social projection is not a business, but arises from the acceptance of our nature and for that reason it implies the understanding of all the planes that compose us to take advantage of our capabilities when putting ourselves at the service of our environment;

* know the social dynamics real and current, the lifestyles that coexist in the community , their needs and concerns, the different cultures that support it, the initiatives they undertake on their own. To achieve change, it is essential to approach society, ask what you need, what are your priorities and expectations, but also know your strengths to make it a participant in the process and can maintain the well-being that you reach at the end of the process.