The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term paprika. In this sense we can say that it derives from Latin, specifically "pigmentum", which was a coloring matter that was used to paint.

He peppers is a dressing powder that occurs when dried and ground Red peppers (also known as red peppers or red peppers). Although there are different kinds of paprika, it is usually a seasoning quite spicy

For example: “I'm going to add some paprika to the stew to make it tastier”, “I don't like meat pies from this place because they have too much paprika”, "If you like spicy food, you can not miss a bottle of paprika at home".

It is important to know that the pepper, as such, to the entire European continent came from the hands of Christopher Columbus. And he brought it from American lands in the year 1493.

According to the variety of pepper used, it is possible to distinguish between the spicy paprika (the one that causes the greatest itching), the paprika (the mildest seasoning of this type), the sweet and sour paprika and others. In certain preparations, paprika is added preservatives that keep their qualities in the weather .

There are many recipes that use paprika, in the cuisine of different countries. The sausages As the sausage or the Serrano ham They usually have this seasoning. Also diverse stews , soups and pickles include paprika to highlight your flavors and get a more intense coloration.

In addition to all of the above, it is important to know that paprika has important beneficial properties for the human being's organism. Specifically, among these are the following:
-It is very rich in vitamin K.
-It has a high number of nutrients.
-It helps to put an end to anemia problems.
-Improvely improves blood circulation.
-Help reduce the risks of suffering from diseases such as arthritis.

In Hungary , is known as paprika to the paprika that is made with the peppers that are grown in its territory. In fact, the most famous dish of Hungarian cuisine carries a good amount of paprika: the goulash .

In Spain On the other hand, there are different types of paprika that have Appellation of origin . He paprika occurs in the province of Cáceres and is characterized by smoking. He paprika from Murcia Instead, it is much sweeter.

The aforementioned Pimentón de la Vera is, without a doubt, the most important in Spain and the one with the highest quality, as evidenced by the Denomination of Origin of the same name. It has the particularity that it has a special flavor and aroma, since the dried peppers used to make it are dried with oak wood smoke.

Specifically, this product has three different varieties:
-Picante, which is prepared with the variety of pepper called Jeromín.
-Sweet, which is obtained from Jaranda and Bola type peppers.
-Agridulce, which is the one made from the Jariza and Jaranda varieties.